So, who needs Patent Art Prints?

Who needs Patent Art Prints? That’s a good question, and one that has many answers. There several common uses for them, but the vast majority of buyers are looking for one of three uses: Art for interior décor, art of a favorite hobby or sport, and for use in research. Here’s a break-down of each use:

This is a common use for Grade A Patent Art Prints. Imagine the patent for a Do-it-yourself Nose Job in your Doctor’s waiting room; a print of a classic Cookie Jar in the lobby of your local bakery; or how about the first espresso machine patent in your local coffee shop? They are just as clever at home. How about a Rocking Horse in the living room, a Male Chastity belt in your son’s dorm room, and what dad’s den or shop is complete without the first Golf Club or his favorite Woodworking Tool or his grandfather’s Colt Revolver? If you think about it, this is the art of American invention, so what’s not to love?

Folks who collect memorabilia, toys, tools (or anything else that you can imagine) are often interested in the history and development of these items. What inspired the inventor to put PEZ candy into a dispenser? How does that wonderful Magic 8 Ball know some darn much about me? These questions and more can be answered when studying the text along with the illustrations of a US Patent Print.

What did Frank Lloyd Wright’s signature look like? Did John Browning design the Winchester 44-40 Rifle on his own, or was there a co-inventor? Who designed the Statue of Liberty, the Golden Gat Bridge or even the Bat Mobile? We know of a teacher of a CAD drafting course who purchased patents of a steam-powered railroad locomotive for each of his 50 students, so they could see the fine detail that the illustrators of old hand-drew into these wonderful Patent documents.

So there you have it. There are countless more reasons why Patent Art is so attractive, but the real answer has to come from you. What do You think?